860M.00/439: Telegram

The Minister in Lithuania ( Norem ) to the Secretary of State

122. I have the honor to report that last evening the new Prime Minister of Lithuania43 delivered a radio address in which after thoroughly denouncing the perfidy of the dictatorial regime of Smetona culminating in a disgraceful flight he said,

“The new forces as yet untried will work for the full benefit of all the people.

In matters of foreign policy the new government will continue to maintain normal relations and especially will establish really sincere and friendly relations with the Soviet Union in full accordance with the pact. The new government will protect the rights of the people, increase cultural level, and improve the financial situation.

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The most urgent problem will be to change the political regime which was directed against the best interests of the people. For this reason we shall abolish the present Seimas,44 the censor’s office, and the state and municipal elections carried out in a deceptive manner thanks to Mr. Skucas.

We shall release from prison all political prisoners who fought for freedom and abolish all unions and parties which enjoyed preferential status. We shall give serious attention to all national problems and remove chauvinism.

Since serious attention is necessary with regard to health, we have created a new Ministry of Health. Education of the masses shall receive serious attention. The government approves the warm welcome given Soviet troops and announces that all assistance will be granted to make their stay a pleasant one.”

He closed with a plea for full cooperation.

  1. Justas Paleckis.
  2. Legislative body of the Lithuanian Government.