President Roosevelt to Pope Pius XII 95

Your Holiness: In my letter of December 23, 1939 I had the honor to suggest that it would give me great satisfaction to send to You my own representative in order that our parallel endeavors for peace and the alleviation of suffering might be assisted. Your Holiness was good enough to reply that the choice of Mr. Myron C. Taylor as my representative was acceptable and that You would receive him.

I am entrusting this special mission to Mr. Taylor who is a very old friend of mine, and in whom I repose the utmost confidence.

His humanitarian efforts in behalf of those whom political disruption has rendered homeless are well known to Your Holiness. I shall be happy to feel that he may be the channel of communication for any views You and I may wish to exchange in the interest of concord among the peoples of the world.

I am asking Mr. Taylor to convey my cordial greetings to You, my old and good friend, and my sincere hope that the common ideals of religion and of humanity itself can have united expression for the reestablishment of a more permanent peace on the foundations of freedom and on assurances of life and integrity of all nations under God.

Cordially your friend,

Franklin D. Roosevelt
  1. File copy is in President Roosevelt’s handwriting. Presumably a copy was made and conveyed to the Vatican by Mr. Taylor, as indicated in letter printed on p. 127.