740.0011 European War 1939/3831: Telegram

The Minister in Lithuania ( Norem ) to the Secretary of State

112. The Acting President of Lithuania, Merkys, announced in a short talk at 4 p.m. today that all necessary steps are being taken to form new government. He urged the people to accept the fact of the military occupation and to return to their normal work. One director of the Lithuanian Foreign Office has been in close touch with our Mission and stated this evening that nothing new was obtainable [at] 8 p.m. this evening although indications are that the results are sad for Lithuania. Evening sessions seem advisable and we may expect some announcements tomorrow morning. Talks are being conducted by Merkys, Bizauskas and certain Cabinet members for Lithuania and Dekanozov, Assistant Soviet Commissar for Foreign Affairs, Posdnyakov, Soviet Minister to Lithuania, and various advisers acting for Russia.

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One report says that a Russian Commissar may replace Lithuanian Cabinet.

Repeated to Moscow.