121.840 Welles, Sumner/2: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy ( Phillips ) to the Secretary of State

94. For Welles: This morning I read to Ciano4 Department’s circular telegram of February 9. He assured me that he will be glad to receive you and that while he had not yet spoken to Mussolini about your coming he was certain that Mussolini would also be happy to receive you. He added that while you were here he, Ciano, would wish to offer you some entertainment and asked for further details with regard to your stay in Rome.

Caroline and I are keenly looking forward to your visit and hope that you and whoever comes with you will stay with us where you will be far more comfortable and private than at a hotel. And may I add that I believe your trip will be of the greatest service to all concerned.

  1. Count Galeazzo Ciano di Cortellazzo, Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs.