740.0011 European War 1939/1587: Telegram

The Minister in Sweden (Sterling) to the Secretary of State

50. During informal conversation last night Prime Minister Hansson made following remarks to Consul General Johnson.

“Ribbentrop still has the upper hand in Germany but Goering may soon be more powerful. The latter derives his strength from his connection [Page 284] with Army which is anti-Ribbentrop and beginning to distrust Hitler. I am convinced that Goering is a good friend of Sweden and will do what he can to prevent invasion of this country. I have sound reasons for believing that Russia wishes to make peace with Finland and that such a peace may come about within the next few weeks without the intervention of Germany if a basis for negotiation can be found. I am going to meet some prominent Finns secretly tomorrow who are coming to Stockholm to see me in the above connection.”

I understand that Hansson is frequently in touch with Soviet Minister here.48

  1. Mme. Alexandra Mikhailovna Kollontay.