121.840 Welles, Sumner/130: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy (Phillips) to the Secretary of State

190. For the President from Welles: I was received by the King this morning and had with him a conversation lasting just under an hour. In the conversation which was in general terms the King expressed his highest admiration and regard for yourself and for all that you have done in the cause of peace.

I have just concluded a conversation of an hour and a half with the Minister for Foreign Affairs. The Minister emphasized even more than he had done in our conversation 2 weeks ago the determination of Italy to do everything within its power to further the reestablishment of peace, to adhere strictly to its present line of [Page 18] policy and to take no steps which would further trouble the world situation.

In my conversation with him I was given full opportunity to evaluate the recent Ribbentrop conversations here in connection with the course of my present mission. 20.[?]

I am being received by Mussolini this afternoon. Count Ciano requested me to postpone my departure from Rome which had been scheduled for Monday until the following day in order that I might before my departure receive personally and secretly from him further impressions which they were now obtaining from Berlin. I shall consequently sail from Genoa on March 20th instead of from Naples on March 19th. [Welles.]