693.002/808: Telegram

The Consul at Chefoo (Roberts) to the Secretary of State

3. 1. Chefoo Harbor Office recently organized by the Japanese Navy announced that effective January 15 it will take over from the Chinese Maritime Customs:

“(1), Supervision of pilotage; (2), assignment of berths; (3), control harbor and all vessels entering and leaving it; (4), supervision of quarantine; (5), notifications concerning the harbor; (6), communication with vessels.”

2. Masters of vessels are required to deliver on arriving to harbor boarding officer arrival report, passenger list, crew list and import [Page 804]manifest and on departing to the Chefoo Harbor Office clearance application, passenger list and export manifest.

3. Shanghai please inform Commander in Chief.39

Repeated to Peiping, Tsingtao and Chungking.

  1. Adm. Harry E. Yarnell, U. S. Asiatic Fleet.