793.94/14748: Telegram

The Consul General at Canton (Myers) to the Secretary of State

32. In notification dated February 23 to the Senior Consul at Canton the Japanese Consul General stated

“that military operations are now under way in the area in and around Hoihow, Hainan Island, and therefore it is requested that not only merchant vessels but warships of third powers refrain from entering the port of Hoihow for some time.

[Page 780]

If, however, there arises any special necessity for a warship to enter the said port, at least 48 hours previous notice is requested to be given to the appropriate Japanese authorities for agreement, notifying them the proposed date, and time of arrival at and sailing from the said port together with any such special reasons for doing so.

I have further the honor to state that the third power warships entering the port of Hoihow must do so at their own risks.”

Repeated to Chungking, Peiping, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong please inform Comsopat.5

  1. Commander, South China Patrol, U. S. Asiatic Fleet.