845C.79693/1: Telegram

The Chargé in China (Peck) to the Secretary of State

69. 1. Embassy is informed that British authorities have granted China National Aviation Corporation exclusive right to establish service between China (Kunming) and Rangoon. Representative of China National Aviation Corporation is leaving Chungking for Kunming today to meet a representative of Imperial Airways to arrange details and plan an exploratory flight to Rangoon which is expected after a few days.

2. French authorities have granted permission to China National Aviation Corporation to establish direct service between Chungking and Hanoi, French Indo-China. Service expected to start as soon as details are arranged with Air France. (At present Eurasia maintains Chungking–Hanoi service via Kunming.)

3. Embassy is confidentially informed that Chinese Government may ask China National Aviation Corporation to establish service between Szechuan and Hami, Sinkiang. Company is at present short of equipment but has ordered two Douglas DC–3’s and hopes for early delivery.

4. Repeated to Peiping, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kunming, Rangoon, Saigon.