762.94/339: Telegram

The Ambassador in Japan ( Grew ) to the Secretary of State

204. For Hornbeck. My letter April 12.26 Prince Chichibu27 dined with us last night which gave me a favorable opportunity to discuss with him the subject under reference. I made full use of the opportunity.

  1. An attached notation by Frank Duvall, of the Office of the Adviser on Political Relations, dated May 2, reads: “The letter of April 12, 1939, from Ambassador Grew at Tokyo is regarding the possibility of Japan’s entering a military alliance with Germany and Italy. Mr. Grew’s letter refers to a letter of February 14, 1939, from Mr. Herschel Johnson at London to the Under Secretary on the same subject.” Letters of April 12 and February 14, 1939, not found in Department files.
  2. Brother of the Japanese Emperor.