793.94/14713a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Japan ( Grew )

40. The Department desires that, unless you perceive substantial objection, you seek an early interview with the Minister for Foreign Affairs and make, as under instruction from your Government, an oral statement substantially as follows:

The Government of the United States has not failed to note the statements which the Japanese Government has from time to time made that Japan has no territorial ambitions in China. With reference to the recent announcement of Japanese occupation of the Island of Hainan, attention is invited to the fact that there are substantial American missionary and educational interests and numerous American residents, chiefly missionaries, in the Island and that the American Government maintains no consular representation in Hainan. In view of these circumstances and having in mind also the general question of the relationships among the powers, including the United States, which have important interests in and with reference to the Pacific area, relationships which have formed the basis of various international agreements, the Government of the United States would be glad to be informed as to the intentions of the Japanese Government in connection with the occupation of Hainan.