811.24 Raw Materials/373: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Kennedy )

1360. Supplementing Department’s 1339, October 31, 6 p.m. Viles urges the desirability of a personal presentation of the situation affecting agreement rubber to the International Committee by a representative of the Ministry of Supply. If the Committee is to vote the necessary increase in quota, the Ministry of Supply should furnish it with (1) evidence that rubber is not available for Government purchases under the present quota and (2) information regarding the period over which the total amount of agreement rubber will be purchased if it is available in the market at reasonable prices.

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It is believed that the Committee cannot fail to grant a 10 percent increase at least for the present and next quarters if it also takes into consideration the careful estimates that American consumption will continue at 50,000 tons or more per month during that period, and the desire of American manufacturers to purchase for additions to stock any rubber available at reasonable prices in excess of rubber required for current consumption and delivery to this Government.