811.24 Raw Materials/307: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Kennedy ) to the Secretary of State


1529. The following announcements will be released for publication in the English morning papers of September 9.

“The Chairman of the International Rubber Regulation Committee, acting under the specific authority of the Committee, has issued the following communiqué.

In view of a request received from His Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom for the release of additional rubber to enable His Majesty’s Government to implement the terms of the agreement between them and the United States Government for the exchange of cotton and rubber, Treasury Series No. 31, 1939, the International Rubber Regulation Committee, reviewing a part of the decision announced in their communiqué of the 25th of July have fixed the following revised percentage of the basis quotas for 1939 as the permissible exportable amount for the months of October, November and December 1939:—70 percent.

Under the scheme of regulation it is open to the Committee to revise their decisions as regards the permissible exportable amount from time to time if for any reason this should in their opinion be desirable.”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .