The Secretary of State to the Minister in the Netherlands ( Gordon )24

No. 204

Sir: This Government is much concerned regarding the policy to be followed by the International Rubber Regulation Committee at its February meeting with respect to the quotas for the release of rubber to be authorized for the near future. At a time when there is good prospect of expanding consumption of rubber it is considered most important that the Committee authorize releases of rubber which will be sufficiently large to meet current requirements.

It is felt that it may be useful to let the Netherland Government know, quite informally, that this Government would consider further reductions of rubber stocks unfortunate and unwise, especially in view of present world conditions. It will be appreciated, therefore, if an effort can be made to create a suitable opportunity, prior to the February meeting of the International Committee, to call this opinion orally to the attention of the appropriate officials.

Similar instructions have been despatched to London.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
Francis B. Sayre
  1. The same, mutatis mutandis, on the same date as instruction No. 455 to the Chargé in the United Kingdom.