300.115(39)/110: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul General at Hamburg ( Keblinger )

136. Your 192, November 9, 5 p.m. We are telegraphing you at the request of the Pulp Sales Corporation and the New York agents of the Thorden Line the contents of affidavits submitted by them13 regarding the American destination for domestic consumption of certain of the pulp cargoes now being detained.

We have informed the interested parties that we cannot consider our action in this instance as a precedent and are complying with their request solely as a matter of expediency in an endeavor to expedite the release of these urgently needed cargoes.

In transmitting these affidavits, therefore, we do so without responsibility and without prejudice to the efforts we have made and will continue to make through our Embassy at Berlin to have the German authorities either put into effect the procedure suggested by the Prize Commissioner or propose a satisfactory alternative procedure.

In delivering copies of the affidavits to the Prize Commissioner you should communicate to him informally the substance of the foregoing.

Please telegraph Prize Commissioner’s reaction.

Repeat to Embassy Berlin.

  1. Telegrams not printed.