300.115(39)/86: Telegram

The Consul General at Hamburg ( Keblinger ) to the Secretary of State

192. I have been informed by office of Prize Commissioner that the Finnish steamship Asta bound for the United States with a cargo of [Page 837] wood pulp consigned to Pulp Sales Corporation was yesterday detained pending evidence of American destination for domestic consumption referring to my telegram No. 178, October 28, 2 p.m., and to telegram No. 1914, November 2, 10 a.m., from the Embassy at Berlin suggesting that the Department cable contents of affidavits or contracts showing evidence of American destination for domestic consumption of 15 wood pulp cargoes which Prize Commissioner has agreed to release on receipt of evidence in this form.

The Consuls General of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland have for the past 2 weeks repeatedly and with increasing insistence approached the Consulate General on the institutions [instructions?] of their Governments to ascertain what steps are being taken in the matter by the Consulate General, pointing out that the present delay is costing ship and cargo owners many thousand dollars daily. I respectfully request to be informed when and if the Department intends to cable evidence as suggested.