300.115(39)/33: Telegram

The Consul General at Hamburg ( Keblinger ) to the Secretary of State

181. Referring to my telegram No. 178 October 28, 2 p.m., steamship Frode belonging to United Steamship Company at Copenhagen with a cargo wood pulp bound for consignees unknown is now detained by German authorities. Prize Commissioner requests evidence of American destination of this cargo as in the case mentioned in my telegram 174. He is also holding following vessels pending receipt of similar [Page 833] evidence for their cargoes: Hulda Thorden, Karin Thorden, Vilk, Petsamo, Koura, Greta, and Asturias.9

  1. By November 2 the Delaware, Aagot, Everoja, Eros, Geisha, and Keila had been added to the list of detained vessels; and by November 14 a total of 23 vessels and one cargo destined for the United States was being detained.