300.115 (39) Young, Inc., Daniel F./4: Telegram

The Chargé in Latvia ( Packer ) to the Secretary of State

277. Department’s 122, October 13, 6 p.m. Latvian steamer Andrejs Kalnins sailed from Riga October 19. Its departure was made possible by the execution at this office of a certified copy of a paraphrase of the Department’s telegram under reference. Subsequently it has been learned that such a document will not be considered satisfactory to Latvian authorities in determining similar cases.

Gundega, Latvian steamship, now loading wood pulp and general cargo in Riga is scheduled to sail for the United States early this week. Local steamship agent has been informed by Latvian Consul in Hamburg that the German authorities have warned him that the recent increase in wood pulp shipments from Baltic countries to the United States is regarded suspiciously and that it must not be continued. He added that the German contraband regulations require a certificate issued by the Government of the country to which the cargo is destined certifying that the merchandise is going there and that it will not be reexported therefrom. According to the steamship agent such certificates are being issued by the Legations of Belgium and the Netherlands. He stated that in the circumstances Latvian vessels cannot sail for the United States without similar certificates executed by this office.

In the case of the Gundega and of other vessels requesting this service in the future it is assumed that evidence will be presented to the Department similar to that presented in the case of the Andrejs Kalnins.

The following alternative possibilities are suggested: that the Department inform the Legation (1) that it is satisfied that the cargo is destined for the United States and that it will not be reexported, at the same time authorizing the execution of a certificate to that effect by this office, or (2) issue a standing instruction authorizing this office to issue certificates on the basis of the evidence submitted in each case, such evidence to be telegraphed in each case by the Department.

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Department’s instruction respectfully requested.1

The Legations in Tallinn and Helsinki also interested and will be informed of the Department’s reply. If certificates are to be issued please indicate under what tariff number in the schedule of fees the service should be performed.

  1. In telegram No. 137, October 28, 4 p.m., the Department suggested that the Chargé obtain from the Consul at Hamburg full information regarding procedure concerning detained and future shipments (300.115 (39) Young, Inc., Daniel F./11).