300.115(39) Young, Inc., Daniel F./3: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Latvia (Wiley)

122. There have been presented to the Department by Daniel F. Young, Incorporated, affidavits executed by buyers of the following mentioned cargo loaded on board the Latvian steamship Andrejs Kalnins which is understood to be ready to sail from Riga but is detained on account of uncertainty with respect to the ultimate destination of such cargo. Each affidavit states in substantially the same language that the commodities in question are for consumption in the United States and will in no circumstances and in no form be re-exported from the United States. Articles covered by such affidavits are as follows: [The list of articles is here omitted.]

Endeavor to utilize the foregoing information with a view to facilitating the shipment of the indicated commodities as soon as possible.