740.00115 European War 1039/180: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom ( Johnson ) to the Secretary of State

Following from Berlin via Brussels, 276, December 15, 9 a.m.

From Berlin.

262. Notify Foreign Office. Your 1, December 8, 5 p.m. A Foreign Office communication dated December 12th just received states that the German Government is also prepared to permit the departure from Germany of British subjects now in Germany under 18 years and over 60 years of age provided that reciprocal treatment is granted and that there exists no objection in individual cases from the point of view of security of the State.

It is further stated that clarification is still required as to whether the British assurances apply only to the “mother country” or to “overseas possessions”. Should the assurances not apply to “overseas possessions” the German concurrence likewise does not include persons originating from these territories.

With reference to your 92, November 29, 7 p.m., the same German communication also states that the German authorities will permit persons departing for Great Britain to take with them funds in an amount sufficient for the purchase of transportation from their place of residence to the nearest British port and in addition thereto the sum of 30 reichsmarks. The latter amount will be placed at their disposal in foreign exchange. The persons so departing from Germany may take a reasonable amount of baggage with them.

It was furthermore stated orally at the Foreign Office that the favorable reply respecting the release of British women has already been made to London through the Swiss Legation. Please confirm.

Text of memorandum follows by mail. Kirk.