740.00115 European War 1939/11: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Kennedy) to the Secretary of State

From Brussels: 22, September 12, 2 a.m.

From Berlin.

“19, September 11, 9 p.m. Inform Foreign Office and repeat to Department, referring to Department’s 463, September 9th to this Embassy. Following is a translation of a memorandum dated today just received from German Foreign Office following the submission by this Embassy of a memorandum containing the pertinent portions of the British Foreign Office note K 11258–11258–218 dated September 5:

‘The German Government in its special measures against British subjects has been governed solely by the attitude of the British Government towards German citizens. According to reliable information, the authorities of the British Colonies have taken steps to intern German citizens. The German Government is, however, ready in principle to allow British subjects to leave Germany on the basis of reciprocity. It should be hereby understood that free departure will be rendered possible also to German citizens who are residing in British India, the British Colonies and Protectorates as well as in the Mandated Territories, [Page 639] and that German citizens will not be detained when they return from enemy countries to Germany on board neutral ships. As soon as the German Government receives assurances in this respect, it will permit British subjects to depart from Germany.’

I urgently request immediate reply for communication to the German Foreign Office as the process of rounding up British subjects has started this afternoon. Kirk.”