124.40/A: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Switzerland (Harrison)

60. For distribution to Chiefs of Mission in Europe. The Government of the United States appreciates the situation in which its officers of the Foreign Service may find themselves in belligerent territory because of the probability that this war will bring greater danger from the air than any preceding conflict. The Department confidently expects each officer of the American Government to remain at his post as long as it is possible in view of military operations, or until a local evacuation of civil servants. We realize the risks which may attend this devotion to duty in certain places but are confident in the patriotism and integrity of the American Foreign Service, its officers and employees. It is, of course, expected under existing instructions that you will evacuate, before danger becomes acute, American women clerks, women and children of the families of American personnel.

Repeat to all consular officers in your jurisdiction.