Aide-Mémoire Communicated by the British Ambassador to the Department of State, November 30, 1939

The British and French Governments have decided upon the closest coordination of their economic war measures. For this purpose they have set up a Coordinating Committee in London under the chairmanship of M. Jean Monnet and have appointed an Anglo-French Purchasing Board in the United States, of which Mr. Arthur B. Purvis will be Chairman and M. Bloch-Lainé Vice-Chairman. The Board will coordinate the activities of the British and French Purchasing Commissions in the United States.

This Board has been instructed to establish and maintain the closest contact with the American Administration in order to keep the Administration informed of its purchasing activities, with the object of avoiding any unnecessary disturbance of American economy.

The Governments of Great Britain and France are glad to learn through the American Ambassador in Paris that this view is shared by the United States Government. We should therefore be glad to be informed as to the method whereby the United States Government desires contact to be established between itself and the joint Purchasing Board.