Memorandum of Conversation, by the Chief of the Division of Controls (Green)

Sir Owen Chalkley, Commercial Counselor of the British Embassy, called at my Office this afternoon by appointment, bringing with him Colonel John Henry Maitland Greenly who has been designated to head the British Purchasing Commission which will be set up in New York if and when legislation approximating the Pittman neutrality bill39 is enacted. Colonel Greenly asked me a number of questions in regard to the provisions of the present neutrality act, in regard to the provisions of the Pittman bill, and in regard to problems of various kinds which may confront him if and when he establishes a purchasing agency in New York.

I gave Colonel Greenly the information he requested in so far as the questions which he asked made definite answers possible.

I gathered the impression that Colonel Greenly had called rather with the idea of establishing friendly relations with a view to the future than with a view to dealing with any specific questions at this time.

Joseph C. Green
  1. For Pittman Neutrality Bill, see Congressional Record, vol. 184, p. 2923.