740.00116 European War 1939/26: Telegram

The Ambassador in Poland (Biddle) to the Secretary of State

259. Referring to the Department’s No. 56, September 3, 10 p.m.

Constancin is a summer resort near the Vistula 18 kilometers south from heart of city and was selected in March by Protocol Division of Foreign Office as safest place for housing Warsaw Diplomatic Corps during impending hostilities.
Objectives in this locality of possible interest to German air force are: (a) electric power plant of Pruszkow 24 kilometers from my villa; (b) pilot school at Obory 3 kilometers from my villa; (c) emergency military bridge over Vistula 8 kilometers from villa; (d) small brick and tile factory with tall chimney 500 meters from my villa which although obviously not an objective of military interest might conceivably present that appearance due to the flat expanse of roof (wooden shingles). This brick factory was the object of concurrent attack.
Inasmuch as 12 or 13 bombs were released at the low point of a power dive in the vicinity of the factory it is possible that the bombing of my villa may have resulted from either poor marksmanship in the event pilot was aiming at factory or the intention to unload remaining bombs in surrounding woods.
Polish General Staff states that up until 6 p.m. yesterday they had been unable to verify rumors that German air force is employing poison gas.

Am grateful your personal interest.