740.0011 European War, 1939/161

The Secretary of State to the Spanish Chargé (De Silva)

My Dear Mr. Chargé d’Affaires: I have received and have read with deep interest the moving appeal which has been addressed by the Chief of the Spanish Government to governments of other nations calling upon them to use all their efforts to prevent the extension of the present unfortunate conflict in Europe.

The Government of the United States is in accord with the sentiments expressed in the message of the Chief of the Spanish Government, and fully shares the conviction that extension of the present conflict is bound to result in untold suffering for the innocent populations of the countries which may become involved, as well as for the people of other nations. My Government is profoundly convinced that resort to force or the threat of force in an attempt to settle disputes between nations or to impose a solution on a basis of aggression can never be morally or materially justified. For this reason the Government of the United States welcomes the initiative of the Chief of the Spanish State and for its part stands prepared to use all of its influence in the future as it has in the past for the restoration and the maintenance of peace between nations.

I am [etc.]

Cordell Hull