860F.00/703a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Czechoslovakia (Carr)

14. The Department would appreciate receiving from you as soon as you can prepare it a telegram somewhat along the following lines, but in greater factual detail.

Since Bohemia and Moravia have been occupied by Germany which has declared a protectorate and sent military officials to assume the functions of government; since Slovakia, through her President, has asked Hitler to assume a protectorate, and since Ruthenia is now occupied by Hungarian troops, there are no Czechoslovak officials with whom you can carry on business. In the circumstances you request instructions as to your future activities.

Upon receipt of such a telegram we shall reply directing you to close the Legation and turn over the files and archives to the Consul General, and to return to Washington at your convenience.

Your telegram should be drafted in such form that if we desire it can be given publicity.