760C.62/999: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Bullitt ) to the Secretary of State

1587. The Counselor of the German Embassy, Brauer, in conversation with a member of the staff today, expressed his personal opinion to the effect that “even though it is very late” a conflict could be avoided.

In reply to our question how this happy result might be achieved he said that he thought the President’s message to the King of Italy was most useful and might conceivably blaze the trail. He added that unfortunately the Poles had waited too long and if the complicated question relating to minorities and other matters were to be settled by negotiation the Poles would be called on to make far greater “sacrifices” than would have been the case a year ago. He feared that if they continued “to attack us” and receive the support of Great Britain in their unreasonable conduct the results would be disastrous for them. In conclusion, he intimated that our conversation might be the last for some time to come.