760K.62/63: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Bullitt) to the Secretary of State

1215. The Polish Ambassador stated to me yesterday that German troops disguised as tourists were being concentrated in Danzig in such numbers that he and his Government feared an attempt by Germany to seize Danzig in the very near future. He expressed the opinion that there were at least eighty chances in a hundred that Germany and Poland would be at war before the 15th of August and stated that he feared the Germans might make some move in Danzig which would provoke the entry of Polish troops and war by the 15th of July.

He added that recently there had been many flights of German airplanes over the Polish military port at Gdynia. In the opinion of his Government these flights were for the purpose of taking photographs of the exact positions of Polish artillery and so that a mass bombing attack could be made with precision in case of an outbreak of war.