760C.62/546: Telegram

The Chargé in Germany ( Geist ) to the Secretary of State

310. I have information from a source found in the past to be reliable that active preparations are now being carried on by the Germans to make a sudden military coup in Poland within the next 14 days. I am informed that it is planned to make the invasion [Page 179] through Lithuania and Latvia though I am not clear why Latvian territory should be utilized. Certain military leaves have been canceled. My informant further stated that if this is not done within the next 14 days it would be postponed for at least 4 months. Furthermore, if the military coup is made the Germans will demand Danzig and the Corridor.

In evaluating this information I am sure that the preparations reported are being made; and that the German-Polish deadlock which is the source of greatest anxiety here in diplomatic circles has caused Hitler to consider seriously risking a sudden military movement against Poland still believing (as my informant stated) that the Western powers will not intervene. Whether or not the blow will be struck as my informant indicated depends upon the development of events during the next few weeks, particularly on the attitude of Poland.