740.00/1053a: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chiefs of Certain American Diplomatic Missions in Europe and the Near East 25

Please call on the appropriate official and after informally leaving a copy of the President’s message of April 15th to Chancellor Hitler (if you have not already done so) suggest that a message or statement to the general effect that it was welcomed as a constructive move in the promotion of world peace would be of help in building up a public opinion against aggression and war. For your information, all of the Governments on this Hemisphere have sent messages of approval and others are now being received from Europe and the Near East.

  1. Sent to the Chiefs of Missions in Belgium (No. 19), Bulgaria (No. 9), Denmark (No. 9), Egypt (No. 21), Estonia (No. 5), Finland (No. 29), Iran (No. 18), Ireland (No. 8), Latvia (No. 19), Lithuania (No. 9), Luxemburg (No. 6), Netherlands (No. 25), Norway (No. 13), Poland (No. 13), Portugal (No. 8), Rumania (No. 45), Sweden (No. 6), Switzerland (No. 21), Turkey (No. 31), and Yugoslavia (No. 17).

    Instructions to the telegraph room on the file copy of this telegram contained the following notations: “Not to be sent to London, Paris, Moscow, Greece, or Baghdad, because they have already sent such a message. Not to be sent to Spain, Budapest, because they have committed themselves against it. Not to be sent to Lichtenstein, The Arabias, Syria, or Palestine, because we have no mission there or because they are mandates.”