The Secretary of State to the Finnish Minister ( Procopé )

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of September 27, 1939,15 with further reference to the desire of your Government to purchase arms, ammunition, and implements of war in this country.

In reply, I have to inform you that in view of the assurance contained in your note of September 1415 that these arms, ammunition, and implements of war are intended solely for the Government of Finland in order to complete the armament and equipment of the Finnish Army, Navy and Air Force, and that they will under no circumstances be reexported from Finland, prompt consideration will be given to any applications which the Department may receive for licenses to export the arms, ammunition, and implements of war which your Government may purchase.

Under existing laws and regulations your Government is at liberty to purchase from private manufacturers in this country and to export to Finland arms of the types specified in your note under acknowledgment, provided that these arms do not involve military secrets of [Page 958] interest to the national defense. As these arms are items of naval armament and equipment I am transmitting a copy of your note to the Acting Secretary of the Navy16 for his information.

Accept [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
A. A. Berle, Jr.
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  3. Charles Edison.