811.30 Asiatic Fleet/466: Telegram

The Consul at Chefoo (Roberts) to the Secretary of State

A clash between United States Navy personnel and local police took place ashore July 20, 9 p.m., in which a drunken sailor or sailors assaulted four police including the Japanese national who administers the Bureau of Police through his puppet chief. Preliminary investigation indicated Navy responsibility and the incident has now been settled by:

Expression of regrets by Consul on behalf of Commander-in-Chief and Consulate.
Promise to punish naval personnel responsible for disturbance.
Reimbursement of medical expenses and cost of torn uniforms amounting to approximately $55 United States currency.
Assurance that all necessary measures will be taken to prevent recurrence of the incident.

A second incident occurred July 22nd during the naval preliminary investigation when Mr. Fuku, Japanese Chief of General Affairs Department of Police Bureau but actually Chief of Police, insulted Americans in general, American Consul present, and naval officers present in long tirade flourishing an automatic pistol. Consulate reported actions to Japanese Consul and incident now settled by acceptance of full apology from Mr. Fuku made in the presence of high ranking United States Navy officers, American Consul, puppet Chinese Chief of Police and subordinate police officials. These details of incidents considered closed, transmitted to forestall possible sensational publicity in press.

Repeated to Embassy at Hankow.