811.30 Asiatic Fleet/461: Telegram

The Commander in Chief, United States Asiatic Fleet (Yarnell), to the Chief of Naval Operations (Leahy)12

0017. Plan Monocacy proceed Shanghai after order restored Kiukiang assuming arrangement possible with Japanese Navy. Sufficient coal present anchorage until about 9 August, additional for 7 weeks at anchor plus 50 tons for use underway available at Standard Vacuum installation plants and Guam to remain Chungking with [Page 158] Embassy, sufficient fuel here for 4 months with 6 months additional supply at Ichang which can be transported Chungking by Standard Vacuum tanker Meilu, provided river not blocked above Ichang before December. Meilu unable make trip during high water, plan Luzon, Tutuila remain Hankow, proceed Shanghai after fall city and restoring order, sufficient fuel for these until January at Hankow with probable additional stocks by rail, alternative plan Guam return Hankow after transporting Embassy [to] Chungking if you consider inadvisable risk exhausting fuel in 4 months.13

  1. Copy of telegram from the Commander, United States Yangtze Patrol (Le Breton): transmitted to the Department by the Navy Department.
  2. This plan was approved by Admiral Yarnell, including the transfer of the U. S. S. Guam to Chungking.