811.30 Asiatic Fleet/457: Telegram

The Consul at Tsingtao ( Sokobin ) to the Secretary of State

In granting permission to the Standard Oil Company to discharge bulk gasoline from tank steamer through pipe line, part of gasoline being for use of United States Navy, Japanese Consul General has written to this Consulate as follows:

“In this connection, it has to be added that the Japanese naval authorities expect to be consulted beforehand whenever any vessel belonging to the United States Navy desires to pass the channel lane through the boom in order to take submarined gasoline through the pipe line and it has also to be understood that there may be occasion when from the necessity of naval operations the Japanese naval authorities will not be able immediately to comply with the request of the American naval authorities of sending their vessels into the great harbor in future.”

I am giving to our Admiral a copy of the letter from the Japanese Consul General. As far as this Consulate now understands, it will not be necessary for our Navy to take delivery of gasoline through pipe line.

Sent to Peiping, Hankow.