793.94112/167: Telegram

The Ambassador in Japan ( Grew ) to the Secretary of State

189. Following is translation of a circular note received last night from the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

“Tokyo. March 20, 1938. Excellency: The Japanese Navy is now taking measures to make even more effective the blocking of communications at the mouth of the Pearl River near Canton, and, according to recent reports, vessels proceeding from Kwangchou Bay along the China coast to Hong Kong are frequently entering and leaving the area of operations of the Japanese Navy. Among such vessels, there are a number which proceed on courses which render them liable to be confused with enemy vessels. I have the honor accordingly to request that the information be communicated to vessels belonging to your country that, whenever passing south of the mouth of the Pearl River, they should approach Mamichow (three characters ‘Horse Tail Island’) lighthouse as closely as possible in order that the danger of occurrence of unfortunate errors involving the Japanese Navy may be avoided.”

Repeated to Shanghai for communication to the Commander-in-Chief and relay to Hankow.