562.8F3/74: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom ( Johnson ) to the Secretary of State

545. From Delegates to Whaling Conference.

Following is substance of protocol agreed to by Conference:

Killing of humpbacks prohibited south of 40 degrees south latitude 1 year.
Antarctic sanctuary approved for 2 years.
Antarctic factory ships cannot operate elsewhere within 12 months and vice versa factory ships in territorial waters stationary for season (Frango not affected, see separate cable).
Killing of undersized whales permitted at land stations when used as food.
Other articles of minor importance clarifying 1937 London Agreement.

Delegates will sign tomorrow at noon unless contrary instructions are received.11

  1. The protocol was signed on June 24, 1938; Department of State Treaty Series No. 944, or 53 Stat. 1794. Pursuant to advice of the Senate, March 8, 1939, ratification was effected by the President, March 16, 1939. See also Department of State, Press Releases, April 15, 1939, p. 317.