The Secretary of State to the British Ambassador (Lindsay)

Excellency: I have the honor to refer again to your note of March 24, 1938,9 inviting this Government to be officially represented at a Whaling Conference which will convene at London on June 13, 1938.

The advice and recommendations of the appropriate officials of this Government having been received, I now have the honor of accepting this courteous invitation on behalf of my Government and of informing you that the United States will be represented at the Conference by the following delegation:


  • Herschel V. Johnson, Counselor of Embassy, London, England, Chairman of the Delegation;
  • Dr. Remington Kellogg, Smithsonian Institution; Commander Wilfrid Neville Derby, United States Coast Guard;

Technical Adviser to the American Delegation:

  • Joseph T. Keating, Treaty Division, Department of State.

The American Ambassador at London has been requested to apprise the appropriate British officials of the composition of the American delegation.

Accept [etc.]

Cordell Hull
  1. The note from the British Embassy had been acknowledged by the Department’s note of April 6; not printed.