The British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs ( Halifax ) to the American Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Kennedy )8

No. W9982/305/50

Your Excellency: In reply to Mr. Herschel Johnson’s Note No. 217 of the 17th June last, on the subject of the international tin buffer stock scheme, I have the honour to forward to Your Excellency a memorandum prepared by the International Tin Research and Development Council Statistical Office at The Hague.9

2. I sincerely trust that the arguments contained in this memorandum will meet the points raised by the United States Government in the Note referred to above.

I have [etc.]

(For the Secretary of State)
George Mounsey
  1. Transmitted to the Department by the Chargé in the United Kingdom in his despatch No. 926, August 5; received August 16.
  2. Memorandum not printed. In this 16-page memorandum, dated July 19, it was contended that existing stocks of tin were excessive, justifying a quota decrease, and that the price level of £200–£230 was fair. The conclusion was that both as regards the maintenance of adequate world stocks and price level the course pursued by the International Tin Committee was fully justified and would be to the benefit of tin consumers and tin producers.

    In despatch No. 444, August 16, the Minister in the Netherlands transmitted a copy of this same memorandum as the reply to the note which had been presented to the Netherlands Government.