840.48 Refugees/495: Telegram

The Ambassador in Germany (Wilson) to the Secretary of State

343. Your 111, July 9, 3 p.m. Without consulting the German authorities I can of course only give impressions.

It is my recollection that at the beginning at least the German Government was willing to consult with McDonald in his work. Also they appear to have permitted, so I read in the papers, a Jewish representative to leave Germany to cooperate with the Committee in Evian. In my conversations the Germans have shown deep interest in the work of the Evian Committee.

Hence I am inclined to think that the German Government would cooperate as suggested in your telegram. This decision would be to their own interest and would be dependent I think upon complete objectivity and factual work on the part of the Committee.

Repeated to Amdelgat Evian with your 111.