The Chief of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs (Murray) to the Consul General at Jerusalem (Wadsworth)

Dear George: In the comment on page two of your despatch No. 634 of June 11, 193818 you raised the question of the attitude which the American delegation at the Intergovernmental Meeting on Political Refugees would take on the matter of Jewish immigration into Palestine. For your strictly confidential and personal information I am quoting below an extract from a confidential memorandum18 furnished for the guidance of the American delegation at the meeting.

“It is highly probable that various groups will endeavor to induce the representatives of the governments participating in the meeting to take up the question of immigration into Palestine. It is felt that the Committee should reject any attempts to interject into its considerations such political issues as are involved in the Palestine, the Zionist and the anti-Zionist questions. These questions would stir up bitter passions and might even lead to a disruption of the Committee’s labors.”

With best wishes [etc.]

Wallace Murray
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