762.63/466: Telegram

The Chargé in Austria ( Wiley ) to the Secretary of State

41. Schuschnigg spoke 2 hours.34 Speech made resolute and vigorous impression. No capitulation or indication of further concessions. He appealed against defeatism and for confidence. Though tribute paid to community German race, keynote was independence Austria and maintenance latter constitution. Seriousness crisis and “hard” nature Berchtesgaden interview not minimized. In enumerating international friendships warm reference Italy; Czechoslovakia pointedly not mentioned.

Nothing special in the way of demonstration from either side in Vienna but big Nazi demonstration reported in Graz.

United Press telegraphing very fully.

  1. Schuschnigg’s speech of February 24 was at an extraordinary session of the Federal Diet called in order that he might present the new Cabinet and give his official account of the recent conversations at Berchtesgaden.