762.63/453: Telegram

The Chargé in Germany (Gilbert) to the Secretary of State

62. The Military Attaché reports that as a result of numerous conversations and discussions with army sources he is convinced that the agreement reached with Austria as a result of the Hitler–Schuschnigg conversations contains military clauses providing for the gradual “assimilation” of the Austrian Army into the German.

Presumably this military agreement covers:

Unification of tactical doctrine through adoption of similar text books,
Austrian adoption of German military organization,
Gradual introduction of uniform weapons,
Coordination of war plans.

The Military Attaché believes that within the relatively near future there will be evidence of a military alliance through the appointment of standing military missions by each country to the other country.

As a corollary of the foregoing it is believed here that further [Page 403] changes in the Austrian Government will be announced shortly which will include the appointment of a “pro-German” Chief of Staff of the Austrian Army.