The Consul at Seville (Bay) to the Secretary of State

No. 360

Sir: I have the honor to inform the Department that recently the press published a detailed list of foreign war material which it stated had been captured up to July 31, 1938. The list gave material by countries of origin, beginning with Russia, France, English and [Page 363] Mexican, and lastly included the United States. The following is a translation of the American material so listed:—

Armored cars 17 Rifles 3,480
Field guns 38 Projectiles 11,700
Machine guns 680

In a conversation with General Queipo de Llano41 soon after the appearance of these articles in the press, I pointed out to him that there was legislation in the United States prohibiting the exportation of all war material destined to Spain and that it would be interesting to have more details of the alleged material of American origin said to have been captured by the forces of General Franco. He said that such material as was captured of American origin doubtless came from Russia or Mexico but he offered to obtain details of that reported captured.

He accordingly has transmitted to me two memoranda, translations of which are attached,42 which give certain descriptions but on the whole they are of such a character that they can lead to no identification of the material. Much of the material is obviously obsolete and the total volume is without significance.

Respectfully yours,

Charles A. Bay
  1. Nationalist general, in command of the Seville area.
  2. Not printed.