711.00111 Lic. Douglas/52 Aircraft Co. Inc./4: Telegram

The Counselor of Embassy in Spain (Thurston) to the Secretary of State

991. My 990.28 Señor Zugazagoitia29 with whom I have held numerous conversations recently with respect to the return of the passports of Americans who came to Spain to serve with the Government military forces yesterday informed me that he in turn had a favor to request of me.

He stated that prior to the commencement of the present war the Spanish Government had contracted with the Douglas Aircraft Company for the delivery of five commercial transport planes to supplement and increase the L. A. P. E. (Lineas Aereas Postales Espanolas) service with France. A deposit of one half the cost of these planes was made but delivery was not effected due to the war. Zugazagoitia desires to know whether delivery of these planes may now be made [Page 356] if the Government gives its pledge that they will be used exclusively for international mail and passenger (Government officials) service.

It is obvious that no control could be exercised by us over these planes once they entered Spain and it would be expecting too much to assume that they would not be put to other uses. Under the circumstances alluded to in the first paragraph, however, I feel that I could not refuse to bring the matter to the Department’s attention. I believe Ambassador de los Rios also will approach you about it.

  1. See footnote 84, p. 312.
  2. Secretary General of the Ministry of National Defense.