711.00111 Lic. Bellanca/68 Aircraft Corp./3: Telegram

The Minister in Greece (MacVeagh) to the Secretary of State

2. Department’s telegram No. 47, December 30, 7 p.m. No word has been received from the Greek Government. The Technical and Aeronautical Exploitations Company was formed last month by S. and M. Maltezos, both Greeks, with a paid-in capital of only a million drachmas for the announced purpose of establishing aeronautical factories and repair shops, the founding of a school for amateur and reserve army pilots and the manufacture and sale of munitions. Nothing has been learned detrimental to the reputation of either partner, but the civil reservists school appears to be only something which the company hopes to found in the future. Zotos16 is understood to have left for London at Christmas time to negotiate for the purchase of Bellanca planes. Galatti’s17 office is closed and he too may be in London. Discreet inquiries so far fail to reveal any trace of Greek Government or other organization here making the purchase in question.

  1. Aeroteknih Zotos, of the Technical and Aeronautical Exploitations Co. of Athens.
  2. Agent in Greece of Bellanca Aircraft Corp.