352.1121 Fernandez, Antonio/160: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Vice Consul at Gibtaltar ( Johnson )

Following message for Fisher. Report when delivery made.30

“Your despatch No. 70 of January 14, 1938,28 and previous communications regarding Fernandez case. Since nothing can apparently be accomplished locally toward release of Mr. and Mrs. Fernandez, you are instructed to return to your post as soon as possible. For your information we have taken up this case directly with Salamanca and will continue to press it.

Before departure you should address a letter to commanding general at Palma expressing your appreciation of the courtesies and facilities [Page 273] extended to you during your stay there, and stating that you are returning for the time being to your post at Leghorn but that you contemplate returning to Palma in connection with the Fernandez case at any time.

Transportation expenses and per diem yourself only authorized subject Travel Regulations chargeable ‘Transportation Foreign Service Officers, 1938’. This order not at your request nor tor your convenience.

Before leaving Palma endeavor to see Fernandez and make all arrangements possible to assure his physical well being. American Red Cross is communicating with International Red Cross with a view to transmission to him of foodstuffs and other necessary articles through its representative in Mallorca.”

  1. On March 6 the Consul at Gibraltar informed the Department that Fisher had acknowledged the receipt of the message.
  2. Not printed.