852.115 Eastern States Petroleum Co./72: Telegram

The Ambassador in Spain ( Bowers ), Then in France, to the Secretary of State

445. I have just received two letters from General Jordana, Minister of State at Burgos, relating to the case of the Nantucket and the Fernandez pardon.

1. The Nantucket. “His Excellency, the Generalissimo, has followed with the greatest interest the development of this incident which he hopes may be settled justly and show the cordial relations which unite North America and Spain.

“A good proof of that intention and of the magnanimity of His Excellency, the Chief of State, is shown by the fact that orders have already been given to the competent authorities to place at liberty the above-mentioned ship, the captain of the same and its crew.

[Page 272]

“The indispensable steps which must be followed that the generous desires of the Caudillo may be fulfilled will be expedited as much as possible with orders which are being repeated to authorities who are handling the matter.”

2. The Fernandez pardon. “I am today turning over your request to His Excellency, the Minister of Justice, in order to know exactly the causes which have motivated the imprisonment of the abovementioned couple; and as soon as they are known to me should they offer because of their political nature a favorable opportunity, I shall be glad to comply with your request.”