352.115 Eastern States Petroleum Co./42: Telegram

The Vice Consul at Gibraltar (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

Following telegram has been received from Fisher. (The letter from Spanish commander referred to below was translated in this Consulate.)

[Page 268]

“31st. This morning I have received a letter from judge handling Nantucket Chief case stating that verdict of 17 years 4 months for Captain Lewis and confiscation ship and cargo was approved. Shortly afterwards naval military commander apparently now handling case verbally informed me Nantucket Chief had sailed for a port of Nationalist Spain to discharge cargo with all crew on board except Captain Lewis; that when cargo discharged ship and crew now on board would be liberated and permitted to sail for the United States and that in a week or so Captain Lewis would be pardoned. Commander said that information was official but he requested me to make official request for information which was done immediately.

This afternoon commander sent to me following letter which reads in part as follows:

‘In reply to your esteemed communication of today I have the honor to inform you that the American ship Nantucket Chief is on its way to a Nationalist port where it will unload and it will be probable that the crew and the ship will remain at liberty. I should inform you also that His Excellency, the Admiral, has requested of our Government in Salamanca the pardon of the captain of said ship.’

Personally I believe verbal information given to me correct but premature for official written communication.”

Telegram has been repeated to Bowers.