352.115 Eastern States Petroleum Co./13: Telegram

The Consul at Gibraltar ( Williams ) to the Secretary of State

Following telegram has been received from Fisher, Palma de Mallorca, via British naval radio.

“24th. According to captain and ship’s papers Nantucket Chief loaded cargo gasoline at Atrico, Texas, and cleared for Marseille but was ordered to change at sea and cargo delivered Campsa at Tarragona Spain end of December. Present cargo gasoline and kerosene loaded at Tuapse, Russia, and destined for Campsa, Barcelona. Ship seized latitude 40 degrees 45 north longitude 3 degrees 45 east night of January 17th by three Nationalist warships and brought here. Owners cargo unknown. Understood that case has been referred to Salamanca. Captain states that he has no funds here and food sufficient for about 8 days. He has had some trouble with the crew but situation now in hand.”